Symfony Doctrine PHP ArrayCollection class: 15 Code Examples

PHP ArrayCollection
PHP ArrayCollection is an instance of the Doctrine Collection interface. It is an OOP variant of the native PHP array. This article explains Doctrine and Collection interface. There are many examples of different Collection methods as well. Using Symfony Doctrine ArrayCollection An array is a fundamental data structure known for keeping data in contiguous memory space. Almost every programming language has an array built in at its core. A regular PHP array is unique in the sense that essentially, they are maps, having key and value pairs. There are tons of articles about PHP arrays and the relevant functions at FuelingPHP. Arrays are highly usable and helpful for persisting multiple entities, but there are some scenarios where native PHP arrays can be hectic to deal with. A typical scenario is data persistence and mapping to and from a database. Array PHP and OOP Databases come in many shapes and flavors. But looking…

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