How to Delete a File in PHP if it Exists with Code Examples in 2023

Delete a File in PHP
Delete a File in PHP if it Exists Code Example This article explains how to delete a file in PHP if it exists. It features the PHP unlink function for deleting an existing file in PHP. <?php $filename = 'virtual.txt'; if(file_exists($filename)) { $status = unlink($filename) ? 'The file '.$filename.' has been deleted' : 'Error deleting '.$filename; echo $status; } else { echo 'The file '.$filename.' doesnot exist'; } //Output //The file virtual.txt doesnot exist ?> If you’re not familiar with file operations in PHP, check out how to read and write files in PHP. This article focuses on delete file PHP. Let’s jump straight to the subject.  Delete a File in PHP - A Graphical Overview The program for deleting a file in PHP is quite straightforward. PHP function unlink helps is removing a file. It expects a string argument as the file path. The function returns true on success…

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