How to shuffle an array of objects in PHP

shuffle array in PHP
Shuffle array in PHP PHP shuffle function shuffle array in PHP. The article uses this function to build a minimalistic console-based game, “The Quiz Game”. Introduction PHP arrays are flexible in terms of the elements datatypes. Arrays can have mixed types, including objects. The element’s index denotes its position in an array, where the leftmost element has an index of zero. One cool thing is random shuffling in an array. Randomized shuffling is super important if you’re trying to develop a game of chance, for instance, Poker. This article includes an array of objects. These objects are instances of a class Quiz. The class represents a typical quiz question with multiple answers. This article demonstrates how to shuffle array in PHP and builds a console-based program that displays random quiz questions. So let’s start without further ado. The Quiz Class Here’s the “Quiz” class. The array will hold the instances…

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