Use the Doctrine ArrayCollection Map and Filter Functions in 2023

Doctrine ArrayCollection
Doctrine ArrayCollection Map and Filter Functions  Doctrine ArrayCollection is a wrapper for native arrays, having all the methods that PHP defines for their native counterpart. So, this article explores the map and array filter methods for Doctrine collections. Introduction ArrayCollection is an implementation of the Collection interface available in one of the Doctrine’s projects. Doctrine is an open-source project that includes PHP libraries focused on dealing with databases – persistence and mapping. There has been a lot of information about Doctrine and ArrayCollection in the introductory article. This article explores the two crucial functions - map and filter. These functions are available in PHP already, but they won’t work with ArrayCollection as such. To understand why we need to understand the ArrayCollection versus native PHP array. Once we understand how ArrayCollection is different from the native arrays, we’ll move forward to the map and filter methods that come along with…

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