How to add headers to file with fputcsv PHP Code Examples | 2023

fputcsv add headers
PHP fputcsv add headers Code Example PHP fputcsv add headers just as it adds the data records. This article includes examples featuring different data arrays and explains how to write them with the correct headers. <?php //Creates a new file employee_records.csv $file = fopen('employee_records.csv', 'w'); //w is the flag for write mode. if($file === false) { die('Cannot open the file'); } $headers = array_keys($employees[0]); //Write headers fputcsv($file, $headers); foreach($employees as $employee) { //Formats the employee record as CSV and writes it out employee_records.csv fputcsv($file, $employee); } //Closes the file. fclose($file); ?> Introduction PHP fputcsv helps in writing CSV files. It defines useful arguments that leverage programmings by simplifying file writing, reducing all the hard work down to a sole function call.  If you’re seeing this function for the first time, there’s a big chance that you’re not familiar with how PHP handles CSV files. However, we have you covered. FuelingPHP…

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