3 changing delimiters in fputcsv PHP Code Examples in 2023

delimiters in fputcsv
How to Change the Delimiters in fputcsv PHP Code Example Delimiters in fputcsv can be modified using the separator argument. This article includes some examples related to changing delimiters in fputcsv. <?php $employees = [ ['Id', 'Name', 'Age', 'Salary', 'Department'], ['1', 'Anna', '30', 20000, 'Finance'], ['2', 'Adam', '25', 15000, 'IT'], ['3', 'Bob', '32', 25000, 'Finance'], ['4', 'Cara', '20', 12000, 'Logistics'], ['5', 'Daniel', '28', 27000, 'Engineering'], ]; //Creates a new file employee_records.csv $file = fopen('employee_records.csv', 'w'); //w is the flag for write mode. if($file === false) { die('Cannot open the file'); } foreach($employees as $employee) { //Formats the employee record as CSV and writes it out employee_records.csv fputcsv($file, $employee, '-'); } //Closes the file. fclose($file); ?> Introduction  PHP fputcsv is vital for handling reading and writing CSV in PHP. CSV or comma-separated files help persist tabular data. As the name suggests, a CSV file uses commas to separate data fields. So,…

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