AWS App Runner: Easy Serverless Web Application Deployments

AWS App runner for PHP Hosting
Are you looking for container hosting with AWS App Runner? This article continues our series on hosting PHP web applications on AWS. You can see our full list of AWS cloud hosting options for PHP. We will be reviewing App Runner today. AWS App Hosting Services ServiceServerlessContainerized DeploymentsEase of ManagementAutomated DeploymentAWS App RunnerYesYesHighYesAWS LambdaYesYesHighWith AmplifyAWS Elastic BeanstalkNoYesMediumYesAWS EC2NoNoLowwith beanstalkAWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) with FargateYesYesHighNoAWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with FargateYesYesLowNoAWS AmplifyPartiallyYesHighYes What is AWS App Runner App Runner is a new AWS service offered to compete with the platform services such as Heroku, GCP Cloud Run, and Azure Container Apps.  It's used to deploy a containerized web application to the cloud in minutes with built-in auto-scaling, load balancing, monitoring, secrets management, and more. Article Highlights Introduction to AWS App Runner: AWS App Runner is a fully managed service for deploying and scaling containerized applications without the need for manual infrastructure management.…

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