Remove Element from PHP Array: 5+ Easy Code Examples (2023)

remove element from associative array in PHP
How to remove an Element from a PHP Array PHP offers several functions to help remove an element from a PHP array: unset, array_pop, array_unshift, and array_splice are the most popular. The array_splice function is the most versatile, and unset can remove an element from anywhere. Use the array_pop & array_unshift functions to remove from the arrays' beginning or end. Check out the remainder of the article to see real-world code examples. Article Highlights array_splice is the most versatile option to remove elements from arrays unset can remove elements from anywhere in PHP arrays array_pop is a good option to remove elements from end of arrays array_shift can be used to remove elements from the beginning of arrays Remove Elements from Arrays PHP Code Example Here's a featured snippet of how to remove elements from an associative array in PHP. $employees_array = array( "Employee#1" => "Bob", "Employee#2" => "Stacie", "Employee#3"…

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