How to append one array to another array in PHP

append array in PHP
Append arrays in PHP There are many ways to append an array in PHP, and this article explores some of these options. Introduction Arrays in PHP are mutable meaning that you can add, remove and modify them in any way you want. You can add an element, or arrays to the end of an array, which we term as appending to arrays. This article explores how to append one array to another array in PHP. There are many options to explore so let’s cut the crap and jump straight to them. #1 - Append array in PHP using array_merge PHP array_merge function merges two or more arrays. This function is simplistic with a straightforward merging policy. After merging, it reindexes numeric arrays. However, in the case of similar string keys, it assigns the latest occurring value. The following example clarifies these caveats and demonstrates how to append to array PHP.…

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