Recommended Courses

Hey, this is where I share my recommended courses that I find on various learning platforms. I’ll review many courses that will help you become a successful PHP web developer. This will include topics such as freelancing, recruitment, PHP coding skills, and other topics to help you along your journey!

Freelancing & Consulting

Going Freelance: Building and Branding Your Own Success

Provider: Skillshare

Level: Beginner

Value scale (1-5): 3.5


If you are stepping into the world of freelancing & consulting then you’re likely experiencing information overload. There are so many details to figure out.. that aren’t even related to programming. Things such as accounting, marketing, sales, management, and more. You get into freelancing because you want to be your own boss and increase your earnings not to be a salesman.

But, alas, that is part of the gig and this course helps you solidify yourself into developing solid pipelines of customers so that you aren’t looking for work when it comes to the holiday season. It goes into the basics of marketing and networking for the new freelancer. This course is great if you want to skip over the freelancing marketplaces such as Upwork and get into the potentially more lucrative opportunities that are near you by building solid relationships.

This is an excellent course for beginner freelancers to help get you organized. You can find much of this material from around the web, but it’s hard to find it in a palatable and paint-by-numbers approach. This course will definitely level up anyone who wants to step into the world of freelancing.

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