PlanetScale Leaps Into AI: New Vector Searching Efforts in MySQL

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PlanetScale is adding vector searching to MySQL. This will bring new AI/ML opportunities to technology teams that use the Oracle-owned database. Vectors provide new use cases, from geographic searching to AI applications. Other well-known databases have already made significant progress, while MySQL lacked development. PlanetScale saw the lack of progress from Oracle and saw an opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem. (source)

planetscale AI Vector Searching

PlanetScale Announces New Efforts to Bring Vector Searching to MySQL

Integrating vector search and storage into MySQL unveils new opportunities for entrepreneurial-driven technology teams. Teams could have a seamless experience in managing traditional and AI data within a singular database environment. This simplifies data management and reduces the necessity for additional tools or databases specifically for vector data, thereby mitigating costs and operational complexities.

Modernizing MySQL in a Postgres World

It also is a major modernization opportunity for MySQL to increase its relevance in a growing Postgres world. Postgres already offers extensions such as PgVector that bring these features into the ecosystem.

I believe PlanetScale is seeing the active development going into Postgres in these newer database types and sees the risk in its own offerings.

PlanetScale will have the chance to position itself as a one-stop solution, potentially attracting a myriad of AI/ML applications that enjoy using MySQL as the backbone of their relational database. This could significantly expand PlanetScale’s customer base, extending its reach into the AI and ML markets.

The Challenges on the Horizon for PlanetScale

There’s a great opportunity for PlanetScale, but let’s also acknowledge the risk involved as well. This is an announcement that they are actively developing the technology. There isn’t an actual release date at the moment. I see significant work ahead for PlanetScale, and seeing how it shapes up will be interesting.

Integrating AI capabilities and vector searching is not trivial as it introduces significant additional layers of complexity that require intense dedication.

MySQL and relational databases generally can do well with vector searching enhancements. PlanetScale is still a very young company, officially founded in 2018. I’m really interested to see how they will balance these larger endeavors while actively developing their core products.

The Verdict: A Future-Forward Move or a Precarious Gamble?

In conclusion, this is a really interesting step for PlanetScale. Integrating vector storage and search into MySQL is a move that is a positive move to push the technology forward. It can give them an additional niche in the intersection of database management and AI.

However, there are definitely challenges ahead for them. How will they tackle the unique issues of integrating AI capabilities into the legacy MySQL software?

Want to learn more? PlanetScale has opened the waiting list for those interested in this opportunity.

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PlanetScale Leaps Into AI: New Vector Searching Efforts in MySQL

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