Private Coaching to Scale Your Software to Millions of Requests

Private 1-on-1 Personalized Direct Access to Help You Scale Your PHP Application Based on Your Own Unique Roadmap

Do you need a 1 on 1 personalized roadmap?

We offer private coaching for technology leaders on a very limited basis. We work with you personally to define your application bottlenecks, decide on the best strategic opportunities, plan the project, tasks & roadmap, find the right resources, execute the plan and review the results.

We only offer 7 of these opportunities at a time so that we can provide the personalized attention this service requires.

What We Deliver in Our Private Coaching

  • Automating Your User Onboarding & Customer Acquisitions
  • Optimizing Platform Performance, Cloud Costs & System Operations
  • Delivering Well-Architected & ROI-Driven Features that Delight Customers and Stay In-Budget.

We Are a Good Fit When:

1. You need a Partner to Help With Strategic Decisions to Scale Your Application. We are here to work with you and help chart a course to get you to your goals. We focus on customers with high growth and high-performance requirements.

2. You do not need us to validate your product. We are focused on delivering high-ROI scalable technology. We expect you to be able to own and be confident the product marketing, management, and customer acquisition.

3. You are strong in implementation & development and need help with direction & focus. We believe that the best implementation is done internally within the team. We are here to be an asset to you. We empower, train and help provide guidance. We don’t do it for you.

Our Coaching is NOT A Good Fit When:

1. You don’t have a product-market fit. If you are a startup and still trying to establish your core customers and generate revenue, then this service isn’t right for you. We focus on technology, but you should be primarily concerned about establishing a product that customers love. Once that is established, then automating and scaling software is a worthwhile investment.

2. You don’t have at least $500k in Annual Reoccurring Revenue. This requirement goes with the above. You need to show that you have a product that customers want and have the revenue to invest in your technology resources.

3. Expect us to do it for you. This is NOT a do-it-for-you service. This is a coaching service where we help lead, guide & direct your team, but we don’t do the implementation work for you. We can help you find the right resources and establish the right decisions, but this is not an agency one-and-done type of delivery.

Think we’re a good fit and are aligned? Apply today at the link below to get started