The $100+k Web Developer Consultant Roadmap

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If you are a web developer wanting to earn $100k consistently as a freelance consultant then this newsletter is for you.

It isn’t a “12 secrets and it’ll magically happen” transformation. It is an established process to create a career as a web / cloud / mobile / whatever consultant making 6 figures a year.

This isn’t a get rich quick path. If you’re an entry or junior level developer and don’t live in a high cost of living area (NYC, San Fran looking at you) then it’ll take time and effort.

But I’ll help get you there faster than it took me!


My name is Stephen Miracle, and I have been a web & cloud software engineer for many years. I’ve made well over 6 figures consistently for a number of those years strictly as a consultant.

I don’t do paid marketing. I work with a small group of referrals, past customers & recruiters.. and I do some really cool work.

I work the hours I choose and I don’t have to chase down money.

It’s a pretty good gig, but it didn’t happen overnight. It took many hard lessons, bumps, bruises and years to get this consistency and work-life balance.

And you can avoid all that junk, time waste, and inconsistent work in this paid newsletter for less than your next order of tacos.

You’ll get to avoid all the failures, traps, and mistakes that I made in my career as a consultant to help fast-track your journey to become a $100+k / yr web developer consultant.

What’s in the Newsletter

Here’s the goods. I send 2 newsletters a month with meaty and very specific insights to help fast-track your consulting career.

This isn’t some regurgitated fortune cookie type stuff. This is very practical, proven insights that will help you to move past the freelance marketplaces, and teach you how to build the right relationships to bring you work over and over again.

If you aren’t making $100k / year as a freelance consultant and you want to be. I’d recommend spending the $5 on this newsletter to get you there.

What’s the cost?

$5.99 / month – That’s it.